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The Breakdown of Social Media

Direttamente da una discussione su 4chan, anche per dimostrare come non sempre quello che viene considerato il peggio del www è realmente solo il peggio. Per chi non se lo ricordasse, quando il world wide web iniziò ad essere utilizzato globalmente era esattamente come 4chan ma meno incattivito dalla presenza dei SJW e di conseguenza meno violento.

Se non riuscite a cogliere la conseguenza logica, siete troppo giovani. O troppo stupidi.

Big ones (social media) are made big by having everyone there.
Small ones are small because all the people using it are friends of friends from an echo chamber.


All social media turns into echo chambers, There’s no real way to prevent groupthink, and if there was, it would drive away users as people are sheep more interested in having their own opinions validated than the truth.
All publicly available social media is datamining users, whether they want to or not, since they can’t reasonably stop bots from scanning public groups or whatever they might have.
Why on earth you’d want to use any of it is beyond me.
I’d still be interested in hearing your motivations though, so I’ll pose the question. What exactly is it that makes you want to use social media despite the drawbacks? I’m genuinely curious.


Social media has destroyed so much of the internet. I hate it so much. I’m a huge futurist, technophile, and transhumanist, but we really need to fucking stop using social media before it destroys our species.

I miss the old days where it was easy to find a sense of community and get along with people who were truly different from you.