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"Quasi sempre la Scienza vĂ­ola il senso comune"

So I wrote a letter to SciManDan

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Dear SciManDan,
I have quite a serious question for you but first, let me briefly introduce myself. I’m an italian man who used to work (yes, I earned money from that) as a “science lecturer” and debunker. My main topics are Mathematics and Physics, even if I am not a matematician or a physicist. I had quite a lot of lectures about topics like QM, Mathematics and nearly all of them were focused about dismantle the myths and the false science that orbits around them. I also wrote a conspicuous number of articles, some of them published by universities.
I also used to run my own web sites: a container for all the lectures, articles and activities I did.
My favorite debunked themes were no-vaxers, homeopaty, quantum mysticism, magic math (like the Fibonacci spyral), and the conspiracies that flutter around those.

Then, something happened. I snapped. I had enough of deeply rooted fanaticisms but above all I had enough of being forced to defend myself from any kind of ridiculous accusations, from threats and, alas, legal complaints (not really much about that one but it happened and it has been horribly painful and tiring).

My Facebook profile was flooded (I had to delete it and restart it with solid filters), ditto for my website that is actually closed.

I eventually had to diversify my economical income.

Now, for the question: how do you deal with all the comments I read on your YouTube channel? How do you stand the tidal wave of anger, insults, hate that it seems a daily bitter pill to swallow?
How do you carry on?

It is a serious question because I am struggling to find a way to return to my lectures and articles but the idea of having to put up with what I have yet came across is heavily preventing me from returning on that path.

A path that I really loved and still love.

But I feel as if I don’t have enough energies to stand that tide.

So… How do you manage all that? I really admire your job and I was pondering about opening a YouTube channel myself, even if I am more comfortable to speak in front of an audience and have a direct contact with the people.

So far, I am feeling overwhelmed.

That’s why I decided to write to you.


Andrea “Andrew” Grossi from Italy